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•The HONOR WALL will be back at this year's event! The HONOR WALL is our way of honoring veterans and active service members. To have your family member included you'll need to send us a photograph and service details.
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About Daniel

danielLcpl Daniel Deyarmin was a friend to all who knew him. He went out of his way to help anyone who needed it and put a smile on the face of every person who met him. On August 1, 2005, while he was serving as a Marine in Iraq to help make our country safe for all of us, Nate gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life.

Later that year a group of friends decided to honor Nate’s memory with what he loved best: HORSEPOWER! And in the past five years, with your help, we have raised more than $180,000 for our Disabled / Disadvantaged American Veterans!!

We are doing it again! Please join us at the Tenth Annual LCPL Daniel “Nate” Deyarmin Memorial Benefit Run on June 8, 2014.

Born – July 30th 1983  Akron Ohio

Mother – Barbara Edith Deyarmin  (goes by Edie)

Father- Daniel Nathan Deyarmin Sr. (Dan)

Sister – Erica J. Deyarmin  (22 months older than Nathan)

Since the same name as father to keep the confusion down we always called Nathan by middle name.

We lived in Akron until Nathan was almost 2 then we moved to Tallmadge, OH.

Nathan attended all Tallmadge schools K-12 Graduated in 2002.

Nathan played football in High School but to junior year money was more important. So he quit playing and started working a job.

But he always had a way to make money since grade school. He would get bicycles out of trash and rebuild or cut up to customize a bike and paint and sell complete bike. High School a lot of kids would have Nathan work on their cars, oil changes, brakes , trouble shooting. He knew from a young age because his dad had him in garage at 2 yrs. old. Nathan loved anything with a engine, so his collection of bikes, 4-wheelers, Motorcycles, Cars and Trucks grew and he always was tinkering on something.

Nathan was a kind hearted good kid and became a great man. He helped the kids in school from Kindergarten to adult. We didn’t realize how many lives he touched until his death when not only kids he went to school with but also the parents of the children that contacted us to share their experience, of how he looked out for their child or how they were going through family problems and he would stop in and check on the parent. Many stories, but to this day I will run into parents and they will share how he always had manners. Spoke properly and showed much respect.

2003 Nathan decided to join the United States Marine Corps, he went off to boot camp, then SOI training and joined reserves. He would get to travel to South America for Unitas training. He spoke at Tallmadge Middle School before his tour in Iraq and he was asked by one of the students why did you join. Nathan’s response was he never had a brother and wanted a brother, now he had many brothers that he would live, share, protect and love.

Nathan loved his family and friends. He would protect his sister Erica and his friends weren’t just his age he mentored to younger kids and he would go to college parties while he was in high school. Yes he got into binds but we call them learning experiences. And when I would ask was it worth it he would reply with yes. He had a fun spirit that let him enjoy life to the fullest. He taught others that they are capable of doing what they want if they want it bad enough and to never give up. He lived what he taught.

While serving in Iraq he was in the 3/25 weapons company unit based out of Akron Dan St. On January 10th 2005 he left to go to 29 Palm’s Calif. For desert training for Iraq then in Feb. he was getting liberty to Las Vegas, So his girlfriend Father and myself went. Feb. 26th was last we saw and held him.

Nathan called March 1st at NY airport waiting for flight to Kuwait. While in Iraq we were very lucky because he called home every chance he had. While he was in Iraq he started on a MAP unit which is a Mobile Assault Unit an opening came up and he was chosen for one of the Sniper Teams. He was excited and loved the new position.

He called home on his Birthday and we talked for almost an hour. August 1st we were notified by the casualty officers that Nathan had been shot and killed in an ambush in Barwana Iraq. He and 5 other Snipers were killed.

Nathan was 6’3’’ 180 lbs and wore size 16 shoes. He really left big shoes to fill. Not to mention the void in our family.  But he did leave us with so much to remember and smile about. His life was cut short but his 22 years was full of events and situations that warmed a heart, touch a soul or giving to others less fortunate. I am proud he was mine and one of the best men I have ever known.

Who This Helps

Local Veterans Organizations refer Veterans that are in an Emergency situation. Case workers at Veterans Hospitals refer patients needing assistance. We have paid rents, mortgages, utilities, Security Deposits. We have purchased appliances, household furnishings, burial expenses, and legal fees. … [Read More...]


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